The Great Marble Debate

The Great Marble Debate

There seems to be a constant debate over the pros and cons of marble countertops. Nothing beats the classic look of marble, although there are some decent quartzite, granite and quartz contenders (more on that below).


  • The look is classic and timeless.
  • The cost is surprisingly reasonable compared to marble alternatives such as quartzite.
  • It’s easy to find and readily available, compared to certain quartz and quartzite varieties.


  • Etching and staining can happen, as the stone is softer and more porous than granite and quartz. Properly sealing marble can prevent this and choosing honed marble instead of polished can hide imperfections better. Most people who go with marble embrace its patina that comes with age.


dolomite - the great marble debate(source)

Super White Dolomite: A dolomitic marble that is slightly more durable than traditional calcitic marble.

quartzite countertops - the great marble debate(source)

Classic White Quartzite: A natural stone that is more durable than granite but also generally more expensive.

granite countertops - the great marble debate(source)

River White Granite: A hardy, natural stone that is heat resistant.

quartz countertops - the great marble debate(source)

Rococo Quartz: This low-maintenance, manmade stone that is probably the most durable. The resin is composed of plastic so it is more flexible and therefore resistant to dents, although it is sensitive to temperatures above 300 degrees to use trivets if you go this route.

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