The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2013

Whether you are working with one of Cincinnati’s custom home builders or considering a kitchen renovation with Kitchen Concepts, you no doubt want to make great decisions regarding the design elements used in your space.

If your family is like most, you will spend a considerable amount of time together in your kitchen, and you will likely use it frequently when entertaining friends and guests. Your kitchen is the one space that you understandably want to look great, and choosing the right design features is imperative. One of the most important design decisions that you will need to make for this space involves the color of your cabinetry.
The Material

Wood is by far the most popular material choice for cabinets, and there are numerous types of wood that can be used in this space. For example, maple and cherry are highly popular, but so are oak, pecan and bamboo. Each material can be stained a different hue, but the deep richness of the wood as well as the overall look of the wood will vary. For example, bamboo is most commonly used in a space with a casual, contemporary or modern look, while cherry is common in more ornate and decorative spaces.

The Hue

The type of wood you choose for your cabinets will also affect the overall hue of the wood. For example, cherry wood often takes on a slight or even deep hint of red when stained. Some woods, however, can be stained with a colored hue intentionally. One of the hottest trends for 2013 is colored cabinetry, and there are numerous designer wood colors that you can choose that will give your cabinets that modern, stylish look you want. For example, colors like spiced maple, black onyx, mocha cream and others are highly popular with kitchen designers today. These can all be found in a variety of styles, and you can add your choice of hardware like knobs and pulls to give your space the perfect finishing touches.

Most homeowners will keep their cabinetry in place for years to come, and you want your home to continue to look stylish for many years. Installing the most popular kitchen cabinet colors available today can help your home to retain that designer look that you want for years. Take time to explore the designer color choices in more detail, and you may easily find the perfect style and color to use in your home today. The designers at Kitchen Concepts are trained and knowledgeable to help you select the best color for your new cabinetry.